Oatmeal mask

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 An oatmeal mask  is a great remedy for skin beaten by a cold wind. To make it, mix together in equal proportions raw oatmeal flakes, egg yolk, and honey. Keep the mask on your face for about 20 minutes, wash with lukewarm water, and path dry. After the application, your skin should feel very soft, refreshed, and healed.

Feel free to aply the mask all over where your skin is dry or needs nourishing.

The third mask. Cultured Milk Mask- for tired skin

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A cultured milk mask is a simple and effective cure for tired skin

It might sound to easy. Well…it really is!


Just apply a bit of natural yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream, or kefir on your face avoiding areas around the eyes. Relax for 10-15 minutes and rinse your face with cool water.

This mask softens, rejuvenates, and restores a natural pH balance of your skin, thus, protecting it from negative influences of winter air.

The Most Eficient Anti Cellulite Treatment

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A massage technique of mechanical suction and rolling (palper-rouler) on the cellulite affected areas. Vacuum Massage creates a partial vacuum on the skin surface and sucks up the skin between rollers located around a suction cap. While the suction cap moves, the skin fold is rolled and massaged. Suction cups of different sizes are used depending on area being treated. Vacuum leads to creation of negative pressure. This negative pressure is applied onto the cellulite affected areas.

The negative suction pressure created by the vacuum mobilizes the fatty tissue and causes loosening of the connective tissue strands there by reducing the dimpled appearance of the skin. Thus vacuum does not actually remove the fat in the cellulite affected areas but only makes the appearance smooth. The advantage of this method is that in addition to the positive effects of vacuum, the massage therapy generates heat and causes breakdown of the fats; it also stretches the connective tissue vertically and improves the microcirculation within the skin capillaries.

How many sessions of vacuum therapy are needed?
The treatment to be taken consists of 10-12 sessions about twice a week for 30 minutes/ 1 hour.

What kinds of problems are treated with vacuum therapy?
Treatment of cellulite Treatment of orange-peel appearance on the skin Treatment of fluid retention Used to improve blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the body Used to help decrease discomfort from oedema (water retention) Used to improve skin elasticity Used for relaxation and rejuvenation.

How good is this method for cellulite reduction?
It must be noted that the method of vacuuming the cellulite affected areas will lead to only temporary change in the appearance of the affected part of the body. Like with all cellulite treatments, this method should be combined with efforts to make changes in diet, water intake, life style and clothing changes, and increasing physical activity by engaging in regular exercises. Cutting down on smoking, alcohol and caffeinated beverages also helps to control cellulite deposition.

Am I eligible?
If you are otherwise healthy with no major medical problem, then you are eligible for vacuum therapy. Generally, most people, even with controlled medical problems, are candidates for this type of therapy.

What are the side effects?
If done properly, vacuum therapy is virtually side effect free. There is no down time. Clients generally feel fresh and energetic after each session.

The second mask. Protection!!!

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The Egg White Mask  is good for oily skin with large pores

Who doesn’t have eggs in their refrigerator? Egg is not only the most common ingredient in baked goods it’s also the most common breakfast food around the world. In addition to eating, whites have become the most convenient and inexpensive do-it-yourself skin care treatment.

Smooth a beaten egg yolk all over your face, let rest for half-an-hour, and rinse with water.

This mask will refresh and tighten your oily skin and will make it look much healthier than before. In the winter, it will create a natural barrier to protect your skin from harsh winds and frost.

Easy enough?

The First Facial Mask for the Winter Care

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Because some of my clientele are asking if there is something more to do for the face care now that the cold season is coming I’d like to introduce you some of my home made masks as they are 100% natural  and nothing can go wrong with.

Whether your skin needs nourish, cleanse, heal or protect you will find a easy to make mask and you’ll soon see the effect.

So, the very first mask is a extra nourishing one, The Avocado Mask:

An avocado mask  is perfect for dry skin that may become very irritated in the winter.It is easy to make: mash the flesh of avocado with a fork, add a touch of extra-virgin olive oil, and apply this smooth, fragrant mixture onto your face.

This nourishing mask will supply your skin with a whole range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and softening agents to fight winter dryness.