Precautions to Apply Cosmetics!

Posted by admin | All About Face | Friday 14 January 2011 8:42 pm


Many people in the quest of beauty forget to follow some precautions regarding the use of cosmetics. People ignoring these precautions have to bear heavy losses even at the cost of their skin damages for temporary beauty. Use of cosmetic doesn’t harm the skin if applied carefully. Here is a set of some important precautions that I use to share with my clients at my salon. These precautions can surely save you from harmful effects of cosmetics. Read the following precautions:

1). First of all you have to make it sure that the cosmetics you are using is of good brand. Avoid using local cosmetics.

2). Never ever apply cosmetics on your face if you are suffering from some allergy. There will be more chances for the allergy to grow.

3). If you feel that some cosmetic is irritating your skin, don’t use that cosmetic again.

4). Don’t use eye cosmetics on infected eyes and on children’s eyes.

5). Keep the cosmetics away from heat, fire and moisture and close the cosmetics tightly after use.

6). Don’t share make-up products with people suffering from some allergic problems. It will be much better that if you use all cosmetics of your own.

7). Read the instructions given with the cosmetics regarding proper use.

8). Never use hair sprays and perfumes near fire.